WE Provide the services you need.

What we can do for you.

Myers Design Group provides comprehensive design development and consulting services for a wide variety of promotional and marketing media. We work with you to identify your primary and secondary market objectives and how you can best address your goals in an efficient manner.

We'll be honest with you. We aren't a big agency with the ability to make large media buys that we can then resell for a big markup. We don't try to identify ways we can bill you more for extra media placements that may or may not work for you. We aren't about building billings. It's more about building relationships with our clients. We let you work directly with vendors and simply charge for our time preparing files and coordinating the transfer of our creative to them in the most efficient way. If you have vendors you trust and are comfortable with, we establish a relationship with them to best utilize their resources. This process can save you both time and expense depending on your situation.

Myers Design Group can provide creative for all your media design goals. Whether it be online or print, we are adept at creating design that gets you noticed and results. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Unique visual design
  • Brand identity and development
  • Multimedia implementation
  • Project development/management
  • Marketing consulting
  • Presentation and trade show graphics

Myers Design Group can provide creative to accomplish all your online web goals. We will help you to identify the web media tha provides the best benefit for your online marketing budget.

Myers Design Group designs a wide variety of print media. Magazines, catalogs, brochures—we have done it all. In addition, we are adept at providing online editions of all your printed media so that viewers can access your content at all times.

We aren't asking you to take a shot in the dark with us. We want you to feel comfortable with choosing us for your next project. We look forward to having a online or in-person discussion with you to discuss your design goals and needs.