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Relationships need a certain amount of symbiosis to be succesful. You should feel you are elemental to the success of the goal.

We work with you to identify and articulate your goal for each project. The process can be formal or informal depending on your needs and comfort level. Usually large projects require a creative summary and proposal to identify goals, objectives, schedule, costs and required deliverables.

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Corporate Identity and Branding

Your brand identity speaks for your company or organization. It is the voice that the viewer hears. You need to invoke a feeling in the viewer that gives your brand resonance on their minds. We can work with you to reach that goal.

Expressive Design for Unique Markets

We have roots in calligraphy and hand-rendered illustration. We feel it imparts an unique organic look that differentiates our design from the ordinary. Sometimes you need to be expressive and personal.

Web Design and Development

Your web presence is probably one of the first impressions your brand makes. We want to work with you to convey the brand message you envision. This process involves identifying your primary and secondary audiences and what works best for each. Maybe you need to segment your meassge for each audience and develop landing pages that best capture the keywords that people are searching for. You may also want to develop a web presence that is tailored to both channel marketing and a general audience. We can help you identify your goals and what is the best process.

Print Media

Myers Design Group does every aspect of print media — books, catalogs, magazines, brochures, ads, etc.. We can produce all of those along with adding variable data, QR codes, flipbooks, eBooks, ePUBs, etc.

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