EXPERIENCE to provide

the crEativitY yOu need.

How we design with you

At Myers Design Group we think working with you to create effective solutions for your visual design projects benefits everyone involved. You see increased sales, improved visibility and brand resonance. You get noticed.

We meet with you to define the scope and parameters of your project. Usually this planning includes:

Once we have established and agreed on what we need to accomplish the fun part begins. We put our creative hats on and start designing.

We brainstorm and come up with solutions that address your goals. Sometimes this process involves reinventing and rejuvenating your existing visuals. Other times it involves creating a whole new viual presence for your organization and brand.

We take great pride in our production process. We strive to keep revisions to a minimum by careful plannning and execution with approvals at key points in the process. Working together we can get your project done on time and on budget.